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ASU alum makes a splash interning at OdySea Aquarium

February 9, 2018

Handling snakes and alligators may sound scary, but it’s just a normal day for Kamran Khan. A recent ASU biochemistry graduate, Khan is an intern at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale. Through ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services, he was able to find his internship, apply and interview successfully.

“I wanted to try out different things before committing to medical school, so I started searching for jobs and internships. I went to the career center for general advice, and they recommended that I use Handshake,” Khan said.

A recent ASU biochemistry graduate, Kamran Khan is an intern at Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale

A recent ASU biochemistry graduate, Kamran Khan is an intern at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale.

“You can filter out internships and jobs where you meet all of their requirements. I applied through Handshake, got a call from the hiring manager, interviewed and got the position.”

Aside from helping students and alumni find jobs and internships, CPDS also educates applicants on how to build a resume and interview successfully.

“They go through a lot of the basics--the kind of unwritten rules in the professional world. The career center was super helpful,” said Khan. “They gave me knowledge on networking and on how to properly market myself. It helped me feel a lot more confident and prepared for an interview.”

Interning at OdySea has taught Khan professional skills that will help him in his future career, both in applying for jobs and working.

“I learned that preparation really shows through. Being thoughtful about your answers is important. I learned time management is really important. In the professional world, those things really matter.”

At OdySea, Khan focuses on educating guests about different animals and their importance in the environment.

“A lot of these animals are on the endangered species list, so we raise awareness about that. It’s changed my behavior, too. I used to drink out of plastic water bottles and now I use a reusable one,” Khan said.

Working with the animals has changed more than just Khan’s environmental habits.

 “I was never a huge reptile person, but after working with them--you build relationships with the animals. It’s not like a dog, but they’re kinda cute and they can feel your presence,” Khan said. “The alligator, Zipper, is a baby but he can get up to 10 feet long. He’s an alligator but he’s pretty calm and cool.”

In addition to learning about these slithering, scaly animals, Khan has learned that it’s never too late to seek assistance in launching a professional career.

“I didn’t really do much outside of my classes my first four years at ASU, but it’s never too late to get more involved and take advantage of what ASU has to offer,” said Khan. “I’m an alum now, but I can visit the career center and have access to Handshake. Even though I’ve graduated, I’m still a part of ASU and that’s really cool.”