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ASU family finds deep connection to the university through involvement

July 24, 2019

For ASU alums Kathy and John Fuller, getting more involved with the university as the parents of two Sun Devils was an easy decision.

“As alumni we felt we would have a natural connection with our boys on campus. Though as we become involved in the ASU community we felt the connection was even more in-depth. Being involved as parents allowed us to stay connected with the boys and enhance our trips to see them,” the Fullers said. 

That connection prompted Kathy and John to become members of the ASU Family Leadership Council, a network of local, nationwide and international family members who are dedicated to supporting student success through volunteering or financial resources — or in their case both.

As residents of the Bay Area in California, they help with the local ASU Alumni Sun Devil Send-Off for incoming students and their families, share their story at recruiting events, greet new families during Welcome Week events in August, and attend regular council meetings. 

“We have meetings to attend and people to see who really are not part of our son's life directly, yet part of their overall community, a community that is doing so many extraordinary things. Personally, we think the boys like the fact we have our thing. Overall, the involvement has led our experience as parents and alumni to a deeper connection to ASU then ever expected.”

As members of the ASU Family Leadership Council, Kathy and John said they have been able to contribute to the overall success of the ASU community in ways they never thought possible, from academic support for students to connecting and engaging with other Sun Devil families as parent leaders.

“Being involved as parents has more to do with your life then your student's life.”

For more information about these and other ASU Family opportunities, email Robin Okun Hengl (robin.hengl@asu.edu) or call 480-965-0830.