ASU Mentor Network connects Sun Devils to industry professionals

June 25, 2021

Thanks to the ASU Mentor Network, alumni and current students can connect with individuals from around the world with the click of a button. 

In just under five minutes Sun Devils can activate a free ASU Mentor Network account and bio to network with professionals based on their interests, identity or career aspirations.

Aside from access to industry professionals, the ASU Mentor Network also provides articles, videos and resources aimed at getting Sun Devils career ready. 

Two men sitting across from each other at a desk in a meeting room

“The ASU Mentor Network is an online network driving powerful professional connections within the Sun Devil community,” said Kim Scatton, assistant director for Career and Professional Development Services and administrator of the ASU Mentor Network.

Sun Devils can also set up meetings or potential shadow opportunities with professionals in an industry they are interested in pursuing.

“It’s a platform to connect students and alumni with professionals in their industry and open a dialogue to better gauge your career,” said Taylor Harper, a junior studying finance and accountancy and a career peer for ASU Career and Professional Development Services. 

As a student worker Harper assists students and alumni with properly using the ASU Mentor Network platform. Something a lot of Sun Devils don’t know about the ASU Mentor Network is that ASU students can participate in groups called career interest communities, said Harper. 

“Additionally, members of the ASU Mentor Network can join specialized groups designed to facilitate conversation on niche professional topics including entrepreneurship, Peace Corps, the Black Sun Devil Network, Fraternity and Sorority life and many more,” Scatton said.  

These career interest communities are online groups with discussion boards where members of the ASU Mentor Network can post questions, information on upcoming workshops or other networking opportunities and links to more resources. 

“I think students who are very interested in industries can get very tailored advice through those groups,” Harper said. 

In addition to helping students and alumni learn how to navigate the platform, Harper also uses the platform to increase her network. 

“On a more personal student role, I utilize the [ASU]  Mentor Network for my own capacity to network with professionals,” Harper said.

After she graduates, Harper wants to pursue a career in finance and accounting, specifically with fraud investigation.

“I’ve definitely talked to a handful of people,” Harper said. 

“I met with someone who was in financial security crime prevention. Meeting with them I got to see what I should prepare for and what other sources I should be researching and what other skills I should be developing before I graduate,” Harper said. 

Professionals involved in the network volunteer their time to work with students and alumni. The platform works similarly to LinkedIn. However, Sun Devils have a slight advantage in using the ASU resource. ASU’s Mentor Network makes it easier for members to connect with professionals because the professionals have committed to or want to mentor students. Other platforms might have a lot of professionals with accounts, but not all of them may be interested in mentoring others.

“Those who are in the platform have access to directly ask a professional who has expressed interest to share their knowledge within an industry or profession,” Scatton said.

“Mentors play a powerful role in providing the tools to make informed career choices, engage in their education and provide connections with recommendations to break into their career paths of choice,” Scatton said.

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