ASU Student Life editor’s picks: Best of Bryan Pietsch

February 7, 2020

My name is Bryan Pietsch, and I just graduated from ASU with a degree in journalism and a degree in business. I’ve worked at ASU Student Life since 2017, and this job has been an integral part of my time at ASU. 

I’ve enjoyed telling the stories of students from different campuses and different majors through the last few years during my time at ASU Student Life. Here are a few of my favorites: 

W.P. Carey student takes skills to Frito-Lay

Getting an internship during college is one of the best things a student can do to jumpstart their professional career — but it can be a little confusing figuring out just where to start. So to help students navigate the internship process, I started the Sun Devils at Work series, where I spoke with various Sun Devils about their internships. I learned a lot personally from Ashley during my interview for this story. 

New perspective, skills gained by international students

When I first came to ASU, I was involved during my freshman year with the Global Launch program, where international students come to learn English. I told a couple of their stories in this article.

Investing 101: Tips from a finance major 

Investing may seem like something to save for post-grad, but if you can be smart with your spending and have a little cash to spare, it can be a great way to get prepared for the future — even while you’re in school. To get some investing tips for ASU students, I spoke with Sun Devil Tammy Tran for this story. 

Political asylee makes his mark at ASU

At Student Life, we highlight student success and interesting student stories. So when we heard about Victor, we knew we had to talk to him! Victor shared his story with me about how he left Russia and, through a variety of circumstances, ended up at ASU where he found his niche. Getting to tell stories like his was one of the best parts of working at Student Life. 

“Orange Is the New Black” star Diane Guerrero speaks at Tempe campus

Also a really cool part of working at Student Life? Getting to attend and report on all the happenings on campus, including visits from celebrity speakers like Diane Guerrero from the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black.”

Bryan Pietsch doing a forks up symbol in his cap and gown at ASU graduation

Bryan Pietsch at fall 2019 graduation.