Supporting students in recovery: ASU’s Recovery Rising

December 20, 2021

Sun Devils in recovery from alcohol, drug addiction, eating disorders, self-harm or traumatic experiences are not alone. 

ASU’s Recovery Rising program is here to give students resources, a sense of community and support. This includes opportunities to connect with people virtually. The Recovery Rising program also works to educate community members on how to better understand and support others who may be in recovery. 

Jasper Larson, a senior studying sustainability and student leader at Recovery Rising.


According to Jasper Larson, a senior studying sustainability and a student leader at Recovery Rising, the organization is very community based. 

“Basically, we just want any students who are going through recovery, or really any emotional hardship for that matter, to feel like they have a community and feel like they have a space where they can be supported at ASU,” Larson said.

The Recovery Rising group meets formally every week, but students can also attend additional social events and other meetings as well, Larson said. 

“They can share their experiences or thoughts in a nonjudgmental setting and be listened to but then also be pointed to resources and services that we have,” Larson said.

Most resources Recovery Rising provides point people toward getting support. However, other resources help students differentiate between common college stereotypes and real-life facts.

“Students really largely overestimate the percentage of their peers who engage in substance misuse, which can make them feel pressured to engage,” Larson said. 

In 2019, 47% of ASU students reported that they do not drink alcohol, according to the American College Health Association's National Health Assessment. According to the same assessment, out of the 53% of ASU students who reported that they do drink alcohol, 79% of those students fell in the low-risk category. 

“That's really not a lot at all you know, out of everyone at ASU, there's tons of people who just choose not to,” Larson said. 

“Also, 89% of students don’t abuse prescription drugs. So this sort of misconception that everyone’s doing it and so it's so normal if I go to a big university, you know, it's just misinformation,” Larson said. 

Some resources available to Sun Devils thanks to Recovery Rising include the following: 

More information on Recovery Rising and how to find more recovery resources can be found on its website, Instagram and Facebook. For additional information about meeting times and events Sun Devils can contact