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ASU LGBT Devils’ Pride Scholarship awarded to freshman double-major

April 2, 2018

Freshman Barrett, The Honors College student Nora Martinez is one very involved Sun Devil. She’s double-majoring in anthropology and English literature, working in an archaeology lab with Professor Christopher Morehart, involved in the Undergraduate Anthropology Association and the Talent Match mentoring program, and on top of all that, working to pay her bills.

ASU LGBT Devils’ Pride Scholarship awarded to freshman double-major


Thanks to the LGBT Devils’ Pride Chapter of the ASU Alumni Association, who has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help support LGBT students at ASU, Martinez was recently awarded the ASU LGBT Devils’ Pride Scholarship. She says this award will alleviate worries about her financial needs and allow her to focus on her studies, her involvement and her dream of studying abroad.

“My scholarship is really going to help me meet my financial needs and keep me here at ASU, where I’m thriving, and keep my family from even more severe economic hardship,” Martinez said. “That sense of relief is a big reason why I’m so grateful. It feels really good to know I don’t have to worry about being able to stay at my dream school.”

Martinez said that along with financial assistance, receiving the ASU LGBT Devils' Pride Scholarship provided her with the opportunity to serve as a role model for other LGBT students like herself. She said the award has inspired her to advocate for her community through writing stories about LGBT people and working to increase their representation in media and literature.

These stories can help “normalize being a member of the LGBT community” and “help people outside of the community understand our experiences, empathize with us and perhaps seek to help or become allies,” Martinez said.

She hopes to continue to learn about the experiences and issues that are unique to lesbian, bisexual and trans women, who she feels are an often-overlooked segment of the LGBT community.

“I hope that my receiving the ASU LGBT Devils’ Pride Scholarship inspires other lesbians, bi women, trans women, etc. to apply for scholarships like this one,” she added, “and really to just be who they are because they should not be ashamed to be LGBT women.”