Sun Devils at Work: Supply chain major on her internship in the skin care industry and overcoming shyness

January 31, 2019

Jasmine Donovan, a junior studying supply chain management and business communications at the W. P. Carey School of Business, found two internships through the ASU Supply Chain Management Association career fair.

Find out what she learned during her internship last summer at Nestlé and her tips for future interns.

Where did you intern and where was it located?

Last summer I had the chance to intern at Nestlé Skin Health in Fort Worth, Texas. I worked as a supply chain intern there for the summer within the business operations and intelligence departments.

What was a normal day like at your internship?

All of my days throughout the summer varied significantly due to the project that I was working on and the people I was working with. If I were to describe a “normal” day at my internship, I would say that I would always start my morning by preparing an agenda and knowing my goals and tasks that needed to be accomplished by the end of that day. I would typically have an hour or two in the morning to begin working on research for my project and brainstorming ideas.

I would typically have 1–2 meetings per day. These would be within the business operations department, and I would sit in and take notes and listen to the topics that were relevant to what I was working on. Later in the afternoons, I would meet with my boss and discuss the progress of my project and get any feedback or ideas on how to improve. I would work closely with a few individuals on the operations team and help them to complete some of their assigned tasks as well.

Toward the end of my internship, my days consisted more of completion of the project and preparation for my final presentations to upper-level management. This is when I was able to finalize all of my ideas and recommendations and create detailed documents and process maps to better explain my ideas.

ASU W. P. Carey student

Jasmine Donovan at the Nestle Skin Health offices in Fort Worth, Texas





How did you get your internship?

I got my internship through ASU’s SCMA career fair in the fall of 2017. I met with two individuals who worked at Nestlé Skin Health at their booth and was invited to a dinner that night and then to interview that next morning.

I had done some research on the companies before attending the career fair but was able to learn much more about what it would be like to work there by talking with the employees, including my future boss. After my interview, I was offered a summer internship position within the next few months. This was a great opportunity that I could not pass up, so I accepted in February of 2018 and began working later that May.

What is the most useful/interesting thing you learned there?

The most useful thing that I learned from my internship was the importance of self-confidence. I have always been more of a shy person, and coming into a corporate internship with no experience in the workplace was very overwhelming at first. I felt like I did not know what was expected of me and like I was not ready for the tasks that would be given to me.

Once I began to feel comfortable with my coworkers and the company that I was at, I grew so much as an individual and started to feel confident in the work that I was doing. I started to feel comfortable working there and setting up meetings and being more assertive with my work.

By the end of my internship, I was able to present my recommendations to many managers, as well as the VP of operations at the company. This was the best experience of my internship, and the feedback that I received really made me realize that this was the major and company for me.

What is your upcoming internship and where is it located?

My upcoming internship will be a supply chain internship with Occidental Chemical Corporation. It is located in Dallas.

How did you get the position?

I got this position through ASU’s SCMA career fair this past fall. After success from my first career fair, I knew that this would be a great way to find a second summer internship. I met with employees at their booth and was able to have an interview with them the next morning. That day I was called and set up another phone interview for the next day. Within the week, I received an offer and accepted.

What will you be doing there?

I will be working as a supply chain intern in either the purchasing or value chain department. I have discussed both options with various recruiters from OxyChem and will be able to decide closer to my start date in May. I will be working with the team to create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain for chemicals within the industry.

What are your tips for future interns to get the most out of their internship?

My tip for future interns would be to go into an internship with an open mind. I think that it is important to be open to trying new things and going out of your comfort zone with things that are asked of you. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas or to ask people questions, especially those that may seem intimidating. Being confident in yourself is definitely the most important part to a successful internship and will help others see the great work that you can accomplish!

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspirations are to work within the field of supply chain management with a company that I am excited about and passionate for. I have loved my experiences so far and am very excited to see how my next internship goes and where it leads me. I think that this past summer made me realize my love for trying new things and going to new places, so I would love to explore different areas and be able to travel in my future career.

I hope to get my MBA after working for a few years to help further my career development and hopefully be able to manage others one day. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and I am so grateful for all that ASU has provided me with while being a business student here!