ASU student spreads awareness about eating disorders

May 27, 2020

As a college student, nutrition senior at the College of Health Solutions Anita Daryanani understands that college-age students are a high-risk population for developing eating disorders. But she’s inspired to raise awareness about the warning signs and potential medical complications eating disorders can cause. 

“I understand that it can be scary, especially as a student who may not be aware of resources. I want to help those who may be struggling with something that I did,” Daryanani said.  

That’s why Daryanani, who works as a student nutrition educator at ASU, planned multiple events across ASU campuses to spread awareness of eating disorders during Eating Disorder Awareness Week. 

Throughout the semester, regularly Daryanani and her team tabled at larger events, held informational presentations and conducted interactive cooking demonstrations. They educate students on topics such as nutrition, eating on a budget, pre- and post-workout foods, navigating the dining hall, body positivity and more. Planning events for Eating Disorder Awareness Week is something that Daryanai and her team did to help spread awareness of eating disorders more specifically. 

“We basically took our recurring programs and made eating disorder awareness the focus,” said Daryanai, who aspires to become a registered dietitian and work with people who have eating disorders.

The events took place from Feb. 24–27 at ASU’s Tempe, Downtown and West campuses. The events provided Sun Devils the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating habits and included events called Study Snacks, Nutrition and Body Image, Tasty Tuesday, Snacking Around the World, Tasty Taylor Place and screenings of “To The Bone,” a Netflix movie about eating disorder recovery, and “Embrace,” a documentary about self-acceptance and self-love. 

She also partnered with the Wellness team at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus to set up a table on Taylor Mall, where passing students were given the chance to write down what they love about themselves. 

Anita Daryanai spreads awareness about eating disorders.

Anita Daryanani collaborated with the SDFC Wellness Team on the Downtown Phoenix campus to host an eating disorder awareness event. They asked participants trivia questions and had them write down what they love about themselves.

Daryanani even reached out to the National Eating Disorders Association to enhance the events and worked with the Sun Devil Fitness Complex to help promote the week. 

“The purpose of these events was to spread awareness about a serious topic,” Daryanani said.

More information about upcoming virtual wellness events can be found on the SDFC website and Instagram.