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Classes that balance your summer


Summer school can seem like a drag compared to everything else one can do during their off months. However, it can be much more of a drag to flunk a semester due to being overworked or burnt out. Summer school is a great way to balance your school schedule and lighten the load for the coming semesters.

School can get hard. Especially for the student who applies themself at every turn. It can seem easier to compartmentalize school into two semesters, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Opening up the summer can open up your school year as well. All of a sudden, taking two classes in the summer leads to an opportunity for a new club, a new internship, a sport or maybe just an extra hour of sleep each night.

By taking just a little time in the summer to engage yourself, you can find yourself in the busiest moments of college with a lot more breathing room and a lot more options.

Speaking of options, Arizona State University has plenty. While class selection is limited over the summer, ASU still offers almost 7,000 available options for classes, and this is weeks before the semester starts! This allows plenty of options for students to check off core classes and even certain electives as they look into courses. If you are an engineering major staring down a semester of three advanced math courses, I highly recommend checking to see if they offer one in the summer!

Not only does ASU have options for classes, but for those wishing to take them. ASU offers summer school courses to admitted ASU students, incoming students, students visiting campus, online students and much more. Whether you are a current, future or friend of a Sun Devil, you can utilize ASU to complete summer school courses.

This includes online universal learner courses, ULCs, available for anyone looking to get a head start at ASU. ULCs consist of online first and second year courses that allow anyone, student or not, and provide college credit for a fraction of the cost. Students can register for ULCs via email and begin ASAP! Non-students are encouraged to use the program to help prepare and even help admit them into ASU. Even if you aren’t currently enrolled, you can still start working your way to a degree.

Future Sun Devils preparing for their freshman year aren’t left out either. ASU provides the ability to take first and second level courses for incoming first-year students. By taking these courses ahead of time already have core classes and general education dealt with, and can jump into the more hands-on stuff right away!

ASU also provides additional resources for students taking summer school courses who may need help with the logistics. From housing to tuition, ASU has options to help support students looking to continue their education throughout the summer.

Students taking summer classes must comply with the summer sessions credit load limit: seven semester hours for each six-week session, nine semester hours for the eight-week session and you may not exceed a total of 14 semester hours for any combination of sessions. Requests in excess of seven credit hours per summer session must be approved by the college of your major. Please speak with your college for more information on obtaining an overload petition.

Summer school B sessions are offered from July 1 to August 9 for the 2024 year. Late registration fees begin June 23, meaning there is still plenty of time to decide on a summer school course and register! The last day to register for session B classes without explicit college approval is July 2.

When it comes down to it, there are a set amount of credits you need to take to graduate. Trying to cram them all into a few semesters can take away from the total college experience. While it can be costly or plan-altering to take extra years of college, summer school offers an equitable experience that can ease the burden each semester! 


Lily Thorne, ASU Educational Outreach and Student Services