Digital tools for Sun Devils

December 7, 2020

Every student deserves the ability to have an immersive learning experience, whether it be online or in person. As we’ve all become more familiar with the virtual classroom and ASU Sync, the University Technology Office is spreading the word to inform Sun Devils of all the digital tools they have access to. 

Do you know about all these resources?


Students can connect to the ASU WiFi anywhere on campus so that they never miss a Zoom call or assignment.

On your device:

  1. Select the wireless setting 

  2. Select ASU from the list of wireless options

  3. Log in with your ASURITE ID and password (if you are prompted to accept the certificate, please accept)

For more information or help connecting, check out the UTO website

Female ASU student uses her computer while wearing a mask.

Students can utilize digital tools made available by the University Technology Office to help them through their online learning experience. (Natalie Carranza, taken from ASU Photo Shelter)



 ASU Mobile App

Download the ASU Mobile App to your phone or device to take your learning on the go. Access your classes, schedule, weekly student events and Daily Health Checks from your back pocket. 

Designed to enhance and support the student experience, the app is filled with features you’ll use every day that will help you stay informed, efficient and connected to all things ASU.

ASU’s Digital Backpack 

Whether you’re in class, doing a project, engaged in research or participating in one of many student organizations, you need the tools to bring your learning and work to life. Every Sun Devil gets an ASU Digital Backpack loaded with 21st century technologies. Fortunately, these tools that Sun Devils are using to create and collaborate today are the same ones widely used by the workforce of tomorrow.

The backpack contains tools like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and Google Suite so that students have everything they need to succeed. Sun Devils are taking advantage of this time to be creative and take full advantage of the tools accessible to them as students.

“I believe with enough preparation, all online classes can be held in creative, engaging ways that still allow a deep learning of the material,” said Elisa Thomas, a sophomore studying sociology. 

Experience Center

Sun Devils can get in contact with an agent from the Experience Center 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you need IT support or financial aid assistance, someone is ready and willing to help. 

“You always leave a call or chat with the Experience Center, a better informed student than you called in as,” said Sophie Jones, who recently graduated with a degree in family and human development. 

Call or chat with the Experience Center today!

Get protected

At ASU, security is everyone’s responsibility. Get Protected is your source for all things information security. View the top information security tips to keep you safe, learn about university standards and policies, view trainings, get information on two-factor authentication and more.  

The mission for the Information Security Office is to preserve the “availability, confidentiality and integrity of its information while preserving and nurturing the open information-sharing requirements of its academic culture.”

Computer science graduate student Kevin Lough describes Get Protected as an important preventative tool.

“Get Protected provides the ASU Information Security team a platform to communicate with the community it supports and provide them with the best resources and awareness it can, so that they are informed about potential risks to their data,” Lough said. 

Make sure to check out all the digital tools ASU has to offer so that all Sun Devils can have a successful and thriving learning experience. 

For more information visit the UTO website