Dressed down, Forks up: The 2024 Pitchfork Awards

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 Dressed down, Forks up: The 2024 Pitchfork Awards


There is a pause, as one of the hosts opens the first envelope. Nervous eyes and clasped hands angle toward the stage. A name is called, a rousing cheer and just like that, the 2024 Arizona State University Pitchfork Awards were in full effect.

The ASU Pitchfork Awards is an annual celebration and award ceremony dedicated to highlighting the incredible achievements and leadership demonstrated by individual students and organizations throughout the year.

ASU has long been known and recognized for its dedication toward supporting the communities that comprise it. However, this is not a one way street. ASU has a multitude of organizations and dedicated students who work with vigor to support the ASU community and provide a truly unique and amazing college experience.

Through the Pitchfork awards, these amazing students and student organizations can be recognized for contributing to the ASU culture of giving back to the community.

There are multiple categories for the Pitchfork awards, ranging from an individual’s contributions to entire ASU organizations. Awards such as the Emerging Student Leader and Outstanding Student Leader (Graduate and Undergraduate) highlight students on campus who have demonstrated excellence in their leadership roles. Awards like the Sun Devil Way Award and the Most Promising New Student Organization Award focus on groups and organizations around campus that embody ASU culture and show a commitment to consistent impact and growth.

Students and organizations are nominated for award consideration by ASU students, staff and faculty. To see updates on the Pitchfork Awards, how to nominate and a complete list of the finalists, check out the Pitchfork Awards instagram!

While there are a plethora of ASU organizations that deserve recognition for their work on campus, the Pitchfork Awards can only take one winner for each category. Below is the complete list of nominees and winners for the 2024 Pitchfork Awards.

Congratulations to the amazing students and organizations that made their mark on ASU campus, and took home the coveted Pitchfork!


2024 Residential Community of the Year Finalists 

  • Manzanita Hall - Winner 
  • Villas @ Vista Del Sol
  • Greek Leadership Village 
  • Vista Del Sol
  • Palo Verde East

2024 Outstanding Intramural Athlete Finalists 

  • Gustavo Castaneda - Winner 
  • Brennan Sharp
  • Barbara Aldridge
  • Vincent Pham
  • Divine Ndionyenma

2024 Sorority Member of the Year Finalists 

  • Paige Sotelo - Chi Omega - Winner 
  • Megan McGuire - Kappa Delta
  • Sophia Woll - Alpha Chi Omega
  • Nnena Okuagu - Alpha Kappa Alpha

2024 Fraternity Member of the Year Finalists 

  • Zach Leso - Sigma Nu - Winner 
  • Reece DiSalle - Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Jacob Mulligan - Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Aldo Gonzalez - Tau Psi Omega

2024 Outstanding Sport Club Athlete Finalists 

  • Sofina Hibblen - Winner 
  • Caden Truelick
  • Wesley Tunelius
  • Kyle Decker
  • Maycin Miller

2024 Outstanding Sport Club of the Year Finalists 

  • Women’s Ice Hockey - Winner 
  • Swim
  • Taekwondo
  • Water Ski
  • Women’s Soccer

2024 Outstanding Wellness Project or Program Finalists 

  • Wellness Carts USG Poly - Winner 
  • Healthy Relationship Fair
  • Rethink the STIgma
  • Watts Wellness
  • Beta Psi Wellness

2024 Outstanding Sustainable Project/Program Finalists 

  • Pitchfork Pantry Food Distributions - Winner 
  • Verdantt Fresh
  • SDGFC Language Exchange Program
  • ESD Skills Exchange Hub
  • ESD “Work in Germany”

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organization Finalists (Downtown Phoenix Campus) 

  • Programming and Activities Board (DPC) - Winner 
  • Pitchfork Pantry (DPC)
  • Residence Hall Association (DPC)
  • Blaze Radio
  • Devils in the Bedroom (DPC)

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organization Finalists (West Valley Campus) 

  • Braille Devils at ASU - Winner 
  • Devils in the Bedroom
  • Programming and Activities Board (West Valley)
  • Teachers of the Future
  • Undergraduate Student Government (West Valley)

2024 Student Employee of the Year Finalist 

  • Downtown Phoenix Campus 
    • Sophia Kemling - Winner 
    • Spencer West
  • Tempe Campus 
    • Eli Kitch - Winner 
    • Arianne Dingal
    • Brodie McCarthy
  • Polytechnic Campus 
    • Benjamin Keller - Winner 
    • Kushagra Dashora
    • Bethannie Joyce Alfonso
    • Smita Chaudhari
    • Aashi Thakkar
    • Kevin Shah
  • West Valley Campus 
    • Derek Wilson - Winner 
    • Rae Stusen
    • Grace Magalsky
    • Emma Huang
    • James Kinney
    • Alyssea Immonen
  • Online 
    • Morgan Weld - Winner 

2024 Outstanding Collaborative Program (3+ student organizations) Finalists 

  • Drag U Downtown (2023) - Winner 
  • Rethink the Stigma (2023)
  • International Night (2023)
  • Change the World (2023)

2024 Intercultural Leadership Award Finalists 

  • Habiba Allam - Winner 
  • Kevin Shah
  • Mareem Almosawi
  • Rachel “Nnena” Okuagu
  • Amy Noriega Pineda

2024 Outstanding Educational Program Finalists 

  • RHA Lofi & Chill Cafe - Winner 
  • Sun Devil Smackdown 2023 Workshop Series
  • Lions in the Desert
  • Open Lab

2024 Changemaker Award for Social Change Finalists 

  • ESD Skills Exchange Hub - Winner 
  • Shamrock Week
  • Take Back the Night
  • US Immigration & Citizenship Lab
  • Pitchfork Pantry Food Distribution
  • AMA Philanthropy Week

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organizations (Online) 

  • IDEAS Student Society - Winner 
  • Online Business Student Association
  • The Spark Newsletter
  • The Unified Anthropology Association Online

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organization Finalists (Polytechnic Campus) 

  • Campus Ambassadors - Winner 
  • Changemaker Central Polytechnic
  • Inferno Insiders Polytechnic
  • Polymetric Music Club
  • Business Ambassadors Polytechnic
  • Undergraduate Student Government Polytechnic

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organization Finalists (Tempe Campus) 

  • Society of Women Engineers - Winner 
  • Student Alumni Association
  • Women in Animation at ASU
  • Air Force ROTC at ASU
  • Programming and Activities Board (Tempe)
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

2024 Outstanding Entertainment Program Finalists 

  • Downtown Homecoming Signature Event: Sparky’s Global Festival - Winner 
  • Drag U Downtown
  • Sun Devils Global Friends Club/SDGFC Language Exchange Program
  • Dancing with the Devils

2024 Most Promising New Student Organization Finalists 

  • Telugu Student Association - Winner 
  • Psychedelics Club at ASU
  • Braille Devils at ASU
  • Global Career Network at Arizona State University
  • NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists

2024 The Sun Devil Way Award Finalists 

  • DIYbio
  • The Flare TV
  • Air Force ROTC at Arizona State University
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Sun Devil Curling Club
  • Society of Women Engineers (in combination with GradSWE)

2024 Outstanding Inclusive Excellence Program Finalists 

  • Diversity Lunch and Learn Series (Topics Included Black History Month, Indian Culture, Judaism and Jewish Holidays, Native American Heritage, Middle Eastern Culture; and America and Football) - Winner 
  • International Night (2023)
  • SDGFC Language Exchange Program

2024 Outstanding Graduate Student Organization Finalists 

  • Grad SWE - Winner 
  • IEEE Student Branch at ASU
  • Case Devils at ASU (Graduate)
  • Graduate Nurses Organization
  • SpaGrad

2024 Outstanding Graduate Student Leader Finalists 

  • Fahim Azad - Winner 
  • Jessica Quesada
  • Madison VanNatter
  • Shale Brenner
  • Smita Chaudhari

2024 Emerging Student Leader Finalists (West Valley) 

  • Aaron Goshert - Winner 
  • James Kinney
  • Joshua Cole
  • Lindsey Stevens

2024 Emerging Student Leader Finalists (Online) 

  • Clarissa Amaya - Winner 
  • Alana Henry
  • Habiba Allam
  • Jamie Harrigan
  • Jonathan Hazel
  • Katelynn Pantle

2024 Emerging Student Leader Finalists (Tempe) 

  • Jack Condon - Winner 
  • Emilia Gracia
  • Jennifer Jacko
  • Saxon Read
  • Megan McGuire
  • Shea Nollette
  • Tatum Settelmyer

2024 Emerging Student Leader Finalists (Downtown Phoenix Campus) 

  • Caila Flatt - Winner 
  • Abdulaziz Alakeel
  • Andrea McDonald
  • Anisa Clark
  • Dylan Eble
  • Erin Cafagna
  • Sophia Kemling

2024 Emerging Student Leader Finalists (Polytechnic Campus) 

  • Bethannie-Joyce Alfonso - Winner 
  • Benjamin Keller
  • Hillery Gowda
  • Jacob Trump
  • Kevin Shah
  • Kushagra Dashora
  • Oluwatobi Aluko
  • Shaurya Manglik

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader Finalists (Downtown Phoenix) 

  • Zade Alzoubi - Winner 
  • Andrea McDonald
  • Gabby (Gabriella) Swall
  • Daniel Maldonado
  • Grace Del Pizzo
  • Dominique Joseph
  • Ryan Sykora
  • Zach Bradshaw
  • Kayla Owens

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader Finalists (Polytechnic Campus) 

  • Kushagra Dashora - Winner 
  • Maikaleia Forte
  • Kevin Shah
  • Shaurya Manglik
  • Bethannie-Joyce Alfonso

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader Finalists (West Campus) 

  • Rae Stusen - Winner 
  • Athena Garcia
  • Alyssea Immonen
  • Jenna Tulonen

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader Finalists (Online) 

  • Jonathan Hazel - Winner 
  • Leslie Boebinger
  • Habiba Allam
  • Jennifer Ryan
  • Colton Cagle

2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader Finalists (Tempe Campus) 

  • Cierra Watkins - Winner 
  • Sukruth Vinay Rao
  • Alexandra McWatters
  • Brooke Hampton
  • Cayla Kirschbaum
  • Drake Tasev
Lily Thorne, ASU Educational Outreach and Student Services