DUO multifactor authentication update for Sun Devils in 2021

February 12, 2021

Now more than ever, digital security is high on the list of importance when it comes to virtual classes and online sensitive information. 

To ensure online safety, Sun Devils will have access to use more DUO Authentication services beginning the spring 2021 semester. DUO is a multifactor authentication mobile app that will allow students to access MyASU after a second security prompt. 

When logging into MyASU, students will be required to enter their ASURITE and password like usual, but it will be followed by a prompt to confirm their identity through a notification on their phone. 

A laptop next to a cell phone

Starting the spring 2021 semester, all students will need to use the DUO mobile app for multifactor authentication to access their MyASU.

Sophie Jones, customer service specialist at ASU Services, explains how DUO is highly beneficial in safeguarding personal information. 

“Rather than relying solely on your password, the safety of your private data is bolstered by a material approach in which something you have — for example, a cell phone — is used to confirm your identity,” Jones said. 

The use of DUO’s multifactor authentication was standardized in 2016 for ASU faculty and staff. 

According to ASU’s Get Protected, within a year of establishing DUO, threats to ASURITE accounts dropped by 40%. 

This mandatory transition will require students to make sure their mobile devices are properly updated. Beginning Feb. 1, 2021, all devices will need to run on at least iOS 11 or Android 7 for the app to be downloaded. 

For more information on DUO visit Get Protected.