Service brings the ASU community closer together

October 3, 2021

ASU has a long history of service and giving back to the community. 

Each year, Changemaker Central @ ASU offers many service days and opportunities to honor this tradition and take it forward with new and exciting initiatives. 

Zane Alexander works in the community garden at the ASU Polytechnic campus at Sparky’s Day of Service 2021

Zane Alexander works in the community garden at the ASU Polytechnic campus at Sparky’s Day of Service 2021. Photo by Austin Davis.

Students volunteered on all four campuses on Aug. 18 for Sparky’s Day of Service as the kickoff to this year’s outreach. At ASU’s Polytechnic campus, students participated in a campus clean-up, tended to the campus garden, built beehives and more. 

Zane Alexander, a human systems engineering major just beginning his first year at ASU, worked in the garden during the morning of Sparky’s Day of Service and said he enjoyed getting the opportunity to be outside and help create and maintain this community space. 

“I moved into my dorm last week and spent a lot of time sitting around, getting settled in, and I just wanted to get out and DO something.” 

Joseph Davis, a creative writing sophomore, is a Change Agent working for Changemaker Central and helped organize Sparky’s Day of Service on the Poly campus. 

In high school, Davis did a lot of volunteering and event planning. When he came to ASU, he didn’t initially know where he fit in on campus but found his place with Changemaker and has loved every minute of it since. Davis currently plans different events across all the ASU campuses with a focus on student life and community engagement, and said Sparky’s Day of Service was very impactful for the student body.

“Not only does it allow students to see that other students are being more engaged on campus, but it also allows other students to become more involved with their fellow peers as well as helping them become more involved on campus, make some new friends meet new people and have a fun time helping out their community,” Davis said.  

Changemaker Central hosts frequent activities and days of service, including upcoming activities for Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month. To learn more and sign up, visit Changemaker Central @ ASU.

Teaser photo by Asa Culver