Sun Devil Civility offers online workshops on inclusivity

June 16, 2020

A group of Arizona State University students is leading the way to provide training for peers, staff and community members about invaluable lessons in inclusivity. 

The student-led initiative Sun Devil Civility presents workshops in person and online to raise awareness among Sun Devils and strengthen ASU’s culture of inclusion on campus. 

Workshops can be chosen from a menu of topics offered on the Sun Devil Civility website. Some topics include Essential Skills for Managing Conflict; Same Spaces, Different Faces; and Everyday Sexism. The workshops are free, available to anyone and can be presented to groups ranging in size from 10 to 150 people. 

The students leading the effort say the workshops are unique because they’re interactive and engaging.

“We create a workshop setting that gives students opportunities to engage with this content as well as learn and walk out being more equipped to being more inclusive on campus,” said Sun Devil Civility facilitator Tabark Abdelhabib, who is a public service and public policy senior. 

The facilitators ask questions, guide conversations and monitor activities throughout the workshop. Abdelhabib said workshops have a “ton of activities.” 

“We are not talking at them, we are talking with them. It’s 25% of us talking and 75% of our participants participating in activities,” she said. 

The interactivity is part of what makes the sessions effective and lasting, facilitator Rohini Nott said.

“When you actually have dialogues and conversations about it for an hour where someone is facilitating the conversation, asking you to think deeper about things that maybe you don’t often think about, you’re able to engage more fully with the student group you’re in,” said Nott, who is a business and biological sciences spring 2020 graduate.

Sun Devil Civility has presented to student organizations as well as staff and faculty including the Residence Hall Association, sororities and fraternities, first-year success coaches and ASU 101 classes.

Student organizations and ASU employee groups interested in scheduling a workshop can do so on the Sun Devil Civility website. Simply select a workshop from the topics menu, state the group size and schedule a time.

More information about Sun Devil Civility can be found on their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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