Trailblazing CEO shares her career wisdom in online program for Sun Devils

November 7, 2021
2 minutes

A web-based career development program available to Sun Devils through Nov. 19, 2021, shares the career wisdom of one of Silicon Valley’s first African American CEOs, Shellye Archambeau.

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In her book, “Unapologetically Ambitious,” Archambeau shares the barriers she faced as a young Black woman balancing her career and personal life and how she advanced in Silicon Valley. 

Inspired by Archambeau’s journey, the Spark Your Professional Path program provides students at all phases of their higher education experience with a blueprint to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

The program adapts lessons from “Unapologetically Ambitious” to support students in charting a path for successful career planning and professional goal setting. The mini-courses equip students with learning resources and actionable recommendations to support their career readiness and success. Students will be assessed in real time and awarded badges based on the competency level achieved upon the completion of each course.

ASU Assistant Vice President of Career and Professional Development Services Cindy Parnell urges Sun Devils to take advantage of this pilot program because it’s a great opportunity to learn from an industry leader.

“Shellye Archambeau is an accomplished and strategic leader serving across multiple industries,” said Parnell. “Her experiences and insights are illuminating and inspiring for anyone, but students especially will benefit from having access to this wisdom early in their careers. As Shellye learned in her career journey, ambition alone isn’t always enough.” 

The modules are open now through Friday, Nov. 19. Students can sign up using this form and will be provided a link that they can access with their ASU login credentials on either web or mobile. 

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Hannah Moulton Belec, EOSS Marketing