Meet your Council of Presidents: A Q&A with ASU Polytechnic’s Daniel Pasco

March 12, 2019

This article is the second in a series of Q&As with ASU’s current undergraduate and graduate presidents.

When junior professional flight major Daniel Pasco was looking for a university to attend to become a pilot, he chose ASU after seeing the “sunny skies” that he would be flying through.

Pasco never thought that he would be interested in student government, but he “had a new vision of how [it] could operate.”

“There is a spark in every one of us to fulfill a vision,” he said. “That sometimes gets blurred in the chaos of our everyday lives, but you never know when it will fully come to fruition.”

Pasco spoke to ASU Student Life about his time as Undergraduate Student Government President of ASU’s Polytechnic campus and his experiences as a Sun Devil.

ASU Polytechnic campus Undergraduate Student President Daniel Pasco

ASU Polytechnic campus Undergraduate Student Government President Daniel Pasco


What do you love about your ASU campus?

I love the personal relationships and the attitudes that our students, faculty and staff project toward one another and their work. We are treated like mature adults. It almost doesn’t feel like college (in a good way).

What do you wish everyone knew about your ASU campus?

There is a lot more going on here than most people think, and we are really excited to see the student body lead the way to new innovations both here at Poly and when they move on to change the world.

Which project have you been most proud of in your time as president?

Starting the Lyft partnership for our students: offering free and subsidized Lyft rides for students across the Valley. It is humbling to hear all the positive feedback we have received from our pilot program this year.

Where are you from?


What are your plans after graduation?

I have received a conditional offer of employment at Envoy Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group, where I will be a first officer (co-pilot).

What is your favorite Associated Students of ASU resource to take advantage of?

Relationships developed with faculty, staff and university leadership.

What is something about ASASU that you wish more people knew about?

How much advocacy work we do for the student body, the 3 a.m. emails sent out, calls on a Friday night, etc. We really work hard to be as responsive and attentive as possible to the student body.

Why should people educate themselves about ASASU resources?

The student experience is strengthened by the work ASASU does, and the resources we provide are unparalleled.