Sun Devils can now receive faster and more secure services with DUO

October 24, 2021
2 minutes

Sun Devils can now receive faster and more secure services with DUO.

Thanks to the ASU Experience Center’s new DUO two-factor authentication system, Sun Devils will receive faster service with more security. 

The purpose of the ASU Experience Center is to provide students with resources and information about ASU and to answer questions students may have as they go through their college experience. 

Questions can include inquiries about financial aid, parking services, technical support or anything students need help with. Whatever the question may be, the ASU Experience Center will provide the resources necessary to get the answer. Conveniently, the center is also open 24/7 all year round. 

With the new DUO two-factor authentication system, the Center can help students get the answers they need faster than ever. The new system allows students who call the center with questions to pre-authenticate their identity. This way when their call is received on the other end the Center’s staff will already know who is calling. 

Not only will this quicken the calling process, but it will also shorten the time callers on hold will have to wait and make it easier to share the callers information with other ASU staff members who can provide services to the student. 

Before the two-factor authentication system, calls would take two to three minutes longer due to the identification process that would have to take place between the caller and staff member assisting them. 

Pre-authentication can now be achieved via a DUO call or push notification.

“It’s convenient, especially if you’re in a rush,” said Sophie Jones, graduate student with the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. 

 “I don’t have to wait for someone to manually confirm my identity  — I can just call in, get myself verified in seconds and get the help I need right away,” Jones said.

Students looking for more information or with questions can call the center at 1-855-278-5080 or visit the website. For more information about DUO two-factor authentication visit Get Protected.
Madeleine Williamson, Producer